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Yvonne Jeanette Karlsen


About Yvonne

Yvonne Jeanette Karlsen

Yvonne Jeanette Karlsen (1966) was born and raised in Fredrikstad, Norway. She lives in her hometown, where she also has her art studio. 


Her education is from commercial and aesthetic classes at Glemmen High School. For three years, she was a student of Eser Afacan. With her product sensual expression and fascination with the human body, is she one of those modern artists’ re-creators and tradition bearers of a classic expression? Her art consists essentially of oil paintings and lithographs.


Yvonne Jeanette Karlsen has been represented in several exhibitions, among others, in Turkey, Oslo, Stavanger, Drøbak, Moss, Ski, Tønsberg, and Stavern. She has also been featured several times in the magazine “Kunst” and “Kunstsamleren”. Yvonne has also a large fan base in Turkey because of a major exhibition organized by the Turkish state. 


At one of her latest exhibitions in Oslo, a free artist gallery wrote the Swedish poet Håkan Sandell:

“An interesting addition according to the Oslo classical–figurative environment, I find in Yvonne Jeanette Karlsens sensual and anatomical beauty deep painting, with its good eye for skin and light, where color drama from the 1500s mannerism meets 1800- century realistic academic painter in terms of images motives construction. Completely contemporary feel most relaxed intimate moods shadow less clarity” 


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